Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Adult Community, Mental Health, and Addiction Specialists   

Michael Rhoades, Manager

Intensive Case Management

216-283-4400 Ext. 2140

Craig Guy, Facility Coordinator

Residential Services

216-283-4400 Ext. 2872

Carol Chappelle, Manager

Day Treatment Services

216-283-4400 Ext. 2608

Comprehensive Community Services

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation without Medical

Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation with Medical

Adult Case Management


Adult Pharmacological Management

Adult Intensive Unit

Correctional Advocacy & Re-entry Support (CARES)

Prison Outreach (CARES Program)

Forensic Liaison (CARES Program)

Suburban Municipal Court Liaison (CARES Program)

Mental Health and Developmentally Disabled Unit (CARES Program)

Day Treatment

Financial and Budgeting Management (Representative Payee)

Wellness Re-Entry Assistance Program

Peer Support Services

Residential Treatment Facility Buckeye