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About Us

Murtis Taylor Human Services System is a county-wide United Way charitable organization that provides Behavioral Health, Addiction, Youth, Family, and Senior Services.


Partnering with you to achieve a better quality of life and a healthier community through engagement, teamwork, and commitment. Serving the community since 1948.


LGBTQ+ Friendly


We will continuously improve our process with the aim of achieving outcomes that meet the highest quantitative and qualitative expectations of our clients and community.

Respect and Dignity

We believe that programs and services must be offered in an atmosphere of respect and dignity with high regard for individual choices. The environment must be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.


We will pursue our mission with the character, attitude, competency and conduct which meet the highest standards of each profession represented within the organization.


We are committed to the provision of the highest quality of comprehensive behavioral health and human services to all persons regardless of race or ethnicity, gender, age, income, or disability.

Cultural Competency

We value cultural diversity and promote staffing, services, and activities that are reflective of and provide opportunities for cultural expression.

Human Rights

We value advocacy that enables individuals and families to recover and access mainstream indicators of quality of life, such as good healthcare, decent housing, education and vocational training of their choice, suitable employment, relevant cultural experiences, and enrichment activities.


We are committed to conducting our services and activities and financial and business operations with allegiance to the highest ethical principles and to establish policies that ensure that our performance is consistent with our mission and values.

Family Life

We believe in strengthening families and recognize the variety of family configurations as important and legitimate.


We recognize the value of partnerships in achieving our mission.


We are committed to achieving outstanding results with meaningful impact.

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