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Adult Intensive Unit


  • Reduce symptoms of psychiatric illness and re-hospitalizations

  • Support recovery and reduce recidivism back into homelessness and/or rehospitalization

  • Improve coping skills and foster community integration


The Adult Intensive Unit is a specialized, intensive unit with a Team that works with consumers with severe and persistent mental illness who have been released from the State Hospital System and are most at risk of homelessness and/or experiencing multiple re-hospitalizations. Consumers are seen more frequently and receive more interventions than those associated with a traditional case management program with the goal of stabilizing their mental health and reducing recidivism back into homelessness and/or re-hospitalization. The team is generally composed of a Psychiatrist, nurse and Case Manager. Team members meet weekly to discuss each consumer’s file. Referrals come from the County ADAMHS Board or Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare.

Consumers are provided mental health treatment and linked to community based
services. Rehabilitation and environmental support activities reduce the symptoms of psychiatric illness, build resilience and improve their quality of life and integration into the community. Intensive consumers are stepped down to one or more of the other adult mental health programs.


3010 Project Avenue Cleveland, OH 44115


9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. M-F; other times on an on-call rotation


Medicaid Accepted, ADAMHS Board and United Way subsidies available


Release from the State Hospital System, referred by the ADAMHS Board or Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare.


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County


Not Available

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