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  • Improve social, emotional, and adaptive functioning

  • Increase the effectiveness of interpersonal relationships

  • Improve coping skills and strategies


A fairly structured framework is provided through which adults pursue change through insight, problem-solving and behavioral intervention.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors, not external things, like people and events. We can change the way we think to feel/act better, even if the situation does not change.


Motivational Therapy places emphasis on eliciting self-motivational statements of desire for and commitment to change from clients.


Interpersonal Therapy focuses on past and present social roles and interpersonal interactions, for example disputes with friends or family, grief and loss.

Solution Focused Therapy focuses on what clients want to achieve through therapy rather than on the problems that made them seek help. The focus instead is on the present and future. The client envisions his/her preferred future and in small or large increments, moves toward the desired achievement.

Trauma Recovery Therapy uses therapeutic interventions that help to diminish the recurrence of ongoing symptoms and assist the client in replacing them with more helpful emotions such as peacefulness and physical calm.


Main, Downtown, Southeast, West Side Detroit, Southeast and East Cleveland


9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. Mon -Fri
By appointment


Medicaid Accepted, ADAMHS Board andUnited Way subsidies available


Person with Psychotherapy identified in treatment plan


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County


Not Available

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