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Child Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation without Medical


  • Diagnose emotional and/or developmental disorders

  • Develop a treatment plan (Individualized Service Plan), if appropriate

  • Schedule appropriate treatment


Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation without Medical is a clinical evaluation provided by a qualified clinician either at specified times, in response to treatment, or when significant changes occur. It assesses client needs and functioning to determine appropriate service/treatment based on the identification of presenting problems, evaluation of mental status, and formulation of a diagnostic impression.

Information is collected, including socio-economic. A diagnostic evaluation is completed to determine needs and appropriateness for treatment. Information
gathered includes history of mental health and substance abuse/dependence treatment, support system available, etc. to determine if Murtis Taylor HSS should provide services, or if a referral is needed. Data from the personal history is used to determine admission, referral, or counselor/case manager assignment. An interpretive summary is completed and appropriate treatment is scheduled.


13422 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, OH 44120
900 E. 105th Street, Cleveland, OH 44108


9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. Mon -Fri
By appointment


Medicaid Accepted


Ages 2 to 21 years


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County


Not Available

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