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Substance Use Disorder Treatment Crisis Intervention
Integrated SUD/MH for Adults


  • Reducing Risk of Relapse (return to substance use)

  • Eliminating Distress of Current Situation and Preventing Negative Outcomes

  • Engaging or Reengaging in Treatment


Crisis Intervention focuses on immediate relief and assisting the client to cope
with severe physical, emotional, mental or behavioral distress that could lead to relapse (return to substance use) or other negative outcomes. Crisis Intervention is a specific and time-limited form of brief intervention which deals with situations and individuals in distress and in some cases harming themselves and/or those around them without their full knowledge of the situation. Crisis Intervention will address co-occurring problems of mental illness, physical illness or incarceration in the context of the current situation. When clients’ distress results in the loss of their ability to solve their own problems and deal with life’s dilemmas, external assistance can help the client to return to a normal frame of mind and a balanced lifestyle. Crisis Intervention is short-term and it aims to give clients the necessary tools to immediately cope with the causes of the distress.

Crisis Intervention involves: Educating and informing clients of their capacity to
successfully address a crisis and offer ways to push past incidents and retain balance; Observing and helping clients identify their contribution to the crisis situation empowers them to find ways of lessening their emotional trauma; Helping clients realize their personal potential to get through crises, by letting them make decisions and take action to better their lives; Supporting clients to better understand the problems underlying the current situation and thus uncover options on how to break free; Moving clients to view their thoughts and actions and objectively evaluate and assess the impact of problematic beliefs and expectations; and Helping clients confront fear and pain allowing them to overcome the negative emotions which are negatively impacting their lives.


Main Campus, Telehealth


Mon, Wed, Fri 9a.m. to 12p.m.
Aftercare: Tu, Thur 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m.


Medicaid Accepted and United Way subsidies available


Dually diagnosed adults age 18 years and older who are referred by service providers and the criminal justice system


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County


Not Available

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