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  • Minimize the impact of major mental illness on a person’s life

  • Facilitate return to positive functioning and community living

  • Prevent relapse and hospitalization


Day Treatment provides highly structured, clinically intensive mental health group interventions to stabilize or increase a patient’s level of functioning. Activities may include problem-solving, conflict resolution, emotion/behavior management, development of coping skills, and management of symptoms. Services are clinically indicated with clear admission and discharge criteria. It is a transitional model of acute care that is offered as an alternative to hospitalization and leads to recovery or stabilization at the highest level of functioning for the person served.


The program is based on the philosophy that given adequate support and opportunities for improvement within a community milieu setting, clients can demonstrate control over psychiatric symptoms, maintain motivation and self-direction, improve social interaction, and practice adequate functioning within the general community. In most cases, with an intensive treatment program coupled with ongoing support, clients can rebound faster from setbacks in the course of their illness, shorten crisis periods, and prevent hospitalization or rehospitalization.


13402 Kinsman Rd, Cleveland, OH 44120
16005 Terrace Rd, East Cleveland, OH 44112


8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. M-F


Medicaid Accepted, ADAMHS Board and United Way subsidies available


Mentally ill diagnosed persons with Day Treatment identified in treatment plan


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County



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