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Diabetes Intervention Program


  • Improve nutritional choices (change/improve eating behaviors)

  • Increase physical activity levels

  • Enhance long-term weight management


The Diabetes Type 2 Intervention Program supports the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in adults aged 40 years and older who are at risk for developing the disease. The program is based on the National Diabetes Prevention Program.
Participants are provided with a health risk assessment to identify lifestyle factors, nutrition awareness, and education and are linked to exercise and fitness classes designed to reduce or eliminate risk factors and support lifestyle improvement. It also assists and empowers participants to learn and practice strategies for incorporating physical activity and mindfulness/meditation into daily life and to reduce or eliminate stressors. Activities include weekly interactive education and awareness sessions, mindfulness education and activities, presenters, physical activity, diabetes risk assessment, referral to medical assessments and referral to social and supportive services and support. Participants are linked to web-based tools and resources and community resources such as fresh food markets and the City of Cleveland Neighborhood Recreation Centers.


Lifestyle Coaches assist and empower participants to learn and practice strategies for incorporating physical and mindfulness activities into daily life and making healthy food choices. Lifestyle Coaches work one-on-one and in group sessions with participants to identify emotions and situations that sabotage success and share strategies for dealing with challenging situations. The program is funded by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health.


13411 Union Avenue Cleveland, OH 44120


9:00am—5:30pm Mon– Fri By appointment


No Cost to Participants


Age 40 and over


Area Served:

Mt. Pleasant Community



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