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Foster & Kinship Care Support


  • Strengthen the Family

  • Protect Children

  • Child permanency and well-being


The Foster & Kinship Care Support groups provide a place to share experiences,
participate in advocacy efforts, and keep up with new laws and trends. Information
and resources for those considering becoming foster parents as well as established foster & kinship parents are also provided. The groups share strategies on how to help children succeed in school and cope in the community. They share knowledge and techniques for helping children feel at home. These support groups help families accomplish the difficult, yet vital job of caring for children going through uncertainty and traumatic times.

These support groups use wisdom and knowledge of the community to stabilize
and strengthen Foster & Kinship Care families. Training is a major component of
the support. Topics include parenting skills, separation trauma, child development,
disciplinary techniques, and understanding children who have been physically and
sexually abused. In some cases the Foster & Kinship Care Support groups prepare
families for adoption.


13422 Kinsman Rd, Cleveland, OH 44120
14232 Hayden Ave. East Cleveland, OH 44112
5522 Turney Rd, Garfield Heights, OH 44125


9:00am—5:30pm Mon– Fri
By appointment


No Cost to Participants


Foster or Kinship Care Parent


Area Served:

Mt. Pleasant Community (Mt. Pleasant)
East Cleveland Community (East Cleveland)
City of Garfield Heights


Not Available

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