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Outpatient Competency
Restoration Education


  • Improve access

  • Increase the quality of mental healthcare allowing nonviolent, offenders to receive competency restoration treatment in outpatient settings.

  • Free upstate psychiatric hospital beds available for Cuyahoga County residence suffering from serious mental illness


This service is designed to provide Outpatient Competency Restoration for people with a mental health disorder or co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders who are found incompetent to stand trial and are court-ordered to participate in competency restoration treatment. Specially trained educators meet with individuals involved in nonviolent offenses found incompetent to stand trial by the court to provide legal education as part of the Outpatient Competency Restoration process. Qualified Mental Health Specialist with specialized criminal justice experience meet for one to two hours each week with the individuals for no more than two months to ensure that the clients understand the charges, legal representation and actions of the court. Upon completion of Competency Restoration Education program offenders are re-evaluated by the court psychiatric clinic for determination of competency for trial and ability to assist in their own defense.


13422 Kinsman Rd. Cleve. OH. 44120
9500 Detroit Ave. Cleve. OH. 44102


9 to 5:30pm


No Cost to participant


Mentally ill diagnosed persons referred by the Court system


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County


Yes, On a case-by-case basis

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