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Peer Support Services


  • Build resilience and improve quality of life and community integration

  • Improve coping skills and strategies

  • Decrease homelessness while increasing stable housing


Peer Support is a process of giving and receiving support and education from individuals with similar or comparable life experiences. Peer supporters encourage, inspire, and empower their peers to reach their recovery goals through modeling the recovery way of life. Peer Supporters do not provide clinical care or tell their peers what to do.

Peer support service is provided to self-identified individuals in recovery from mental illness, substance abuse, or both. A Peer Supporter is certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and has declared that s/he is in recovery and has a lived experience of mental illness, substance abuse disorder, or co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. MTHSS’ collaborates with Saint Clair House a 501 c (3) community housing non-profit corporation to provide services to their residents.

Peer Supporters work to inspire hope of recovery; share lived experience to foster connectedness and build relationships with peers; Listen to and understand peers' pain and isolation while exhibiting empathy and support; Assist in exploring options and overcoming barriers; Provide person-driven support that taps into peer strengths related to illness self-management; Assist peers in developing strategies to communicate with and advocate for themselves; Support peers in implementing a relapse prevention plan and Assist peers in adopting a proactive role in their own behavioral and physical health.


Confidential Location; Cleveland, OH 44108


By appointment


Medicaid Accepted and ADAMHSCC Board Funded


Resident of St. Clair House


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County



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