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School-Based Prevention and Consultation Services


  • Prevention—Provide environmental support activities that build resilience and skills to help improve life quality

  • Consultation—Meet the mental health needs of the school community


Prevention is designed to provide mental health services (either group or individual) that reduce the incidence, prevalence or severity of specific types of mental disabilities or emotional disturbances in children. Prevention services presume that the severity of mental disabilities and emotional disturbances can be greatly reduced through mental health interventions before the specific problems become habituated. Prevention services provide environmental support activities that assist those identified by the Cleveland Metropolitan School System, build resilience and acquire skills that will help to improve their quality of life.

Consultation is a formal and systematic information exchange between Murtis Taylor HSS staff and school staff concerning a person other than a client, which is directed towards the development and improvement of individualized service plans and/or techniques involved in the delivery of mental health services. Consultation is focused on the clinical condition of students served by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in order to provide appropriate and timely mental health intervention if appropriate.


13422 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, OH 44120
900 E. 105th Street, Cleveland, OH 44108


9:00a.m. to 5:30p.m. Mon -Fri
By appointment


Medicaid Accepted


Age 3 to 21 years


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County


Not Available

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