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Residential Treatment FacilityBuckeye


  • Reduce the symptoms of psychiatric illness

  • Build resilience and improve quality of life and community integration

  • Improve coping and daily living skills and strategies


This service is designed to provide residential treatment to adults diagnosed with severe mental illness and who could benefit from a residential facility. The Buckeye Residential Treatment Facility is a fourteen-bed, co-ed facility with one handicap-accessible unit, three single bedrooms, and five double bedrooms. The program operates on a psychosocial model, is client-oriented, and is driven to meet the needs of severely mentally disabled adults through the coordination of therapeutic, community, and family resources.


Buckeye provides rehabilitation and environmental support activities that assist those served to reduce the symptoms of psychiatric illness, build resilience and improve their quality of life and integration into the community. These services are relevant to the diversity of the persons served and consistent with their needs. Residents are responsible for assisting with menu planning, cooking, cleaning, and day-to-day personal care skills. All activities are under the 24 hour supervision of the residential staff. Residents also participate in groups that focus on de-institutionalization, self-awareness, relationships with others, community socialization, and many other daily living skills.


Residential Campus
Cleveland, OH 44104 (confidential location)


24 hour / 7 Day Residential Facility


30 Percent of resident income


Mentally ill diagnosed persons referred by the ADAMHS Board; Case Manager required.


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County


Not Available

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