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Sewing Instruction and
Computer Education


  • Decrease social isolation

  • Sustain and enhance independent living capacity


Sewing Instruction is a skill-based service guided by a trained seamstress. Individualized and group instruction are provided. The course covers all aspects of tailoring. Participants learn how to identify fibers and fabrics and care for them, select the right material for a project, mark, cut, and tack fabric for a proper fit, finish garments and alter patterns. They learn valuable skills about alterations and fitting, drafting patterns, and designing by draping. The activities are engaging and help to improve eye-hand coordination, cognition, attentiveness, and social skills. Participants develop their natural talent for dressmaking and design. The service encourages each participant’s creative expression by showcasing each student’s work through an annual fashion show.

Computer Education is aimed at providing basic literacy in a fun and supportive environment. The class is guided by a volunteer computer instructor that caters to the individual needs of participants. The course imparts the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiently and comfortably. It covers photo editing, social networking, emailing, and internet surfing. Participants learn and grow in a social environment.


13422 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, OH 44120


Sewing: 10:00am—3:00pm Tues & Weds
Computer: 12:30pm—4:00 pm Wed— Fri


No Cost to Participants, Donations encouraged and accepted


Age 55 and over


Area Served:

Mt. Pleasant Community



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