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Wellness Re-Entry Assistance Program


  • Reduce the symptoms of psychiatric illness

  • Build resilience and improve quality of life and community integration

  • Improve coping and daily living skills and strategies

  • Decrease homelessness while increasing access to housing


The Wellness Re-Entry Assistance Program (WRAP) is a collaboration among the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation, MetroHealth System, Cuyahoga County Corrections Center, and Murtis Taylor HSS. The WRAP programs coordinates and integrates mental health, addiction, and physical health services for severely and persistently mentally ill adults. The WRAP program focuses on the individual and provides medical home services that coordinate and integrate mental health, addiction and physical health services.


Services include care coordination, case management, linkage and referral, housing assistance, employment training, job placement, benefits assistance, education and support for primary care, health and wellness, prevention groups, screening/assessment, behavioral health counseling and substance abuse treatment. Comprehensive primary care services are also provided.


13422 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, OH 44120


9:00am—5:30pm Mon– Fri


No Cost to Participants, Donations encouraged and accepted


Age 18 years and over


Area Served:

Cuyahoga County



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