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Wraparound Family Case Management


  • Strengthen the Family

  • Protect Children

  • Child permanency and well-being


Wrap Around Family Case Management is a service within the Family-to-Family program. The Family-to-Family program operates in Mt. Pleasant, East Cleveland, and Garfield Heights Communities. It fosters coordinated planning and services between the County Department of Children and Family Services and the community to improve outcomes for children and families at risk of involvement or currently involved in the child welfare system, promote safety, permanency and child well-being.

Wrap Around Family Case Management uses the national Wrap-Around Initiative process known as the Vroon-Vandenberg model. This form of case management involves providing intensive support services which are “wrapped around” the child and family with help of Wraparound Specialists. It is a team effort, with family, professionals, community and neighborhood supports working together for youth with serious or complex needs. Steps are taken to help identify the needs of each child including mental health assessments, creating a wraparound plan to support and deliver services to both family and children.


13422 Kinsman Rd, Cleveland, OH 44120
14232 Hayden Ave. East Cleveland, OH 44112
5522 Turney Rd, Garfield Heights, OH 44125


9:00am—5:30pm Mon– Fri
By appointment


No Cost to Participants


Parent with minor child in need of support


Area Served:

Mt. Pleasant Community (Mt. Pleasant)
East Cleveland Community (East Cleveland)
City of Garfield Heights


Not Available

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